Ever been burned by a girl before?

I've had 5 girlfriends, one of essentially crucified me however but im aware that not "all" women are "bad" It took me a lot of years to "de-value" her (Take her off the pedestal) and I realised that she did have a lot of flaws and negative traits (Dropped out of school, been in the nut-house numerous times, had no friends in real life, handles situations poorly, VERY abusive, emotional blackmailer to name just a few) This was 7 years ago and an online only relationship. Anybody ever date anyone like this? Are crazy evil girls like this common or was I merely unfortunate to put my trust into the wrong person and how would you handle somebody like that?


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  • No but thank God I haven't. You seem very hurt and like you really tried to be there for her but she was inconsiderate of you. Some day soon she will look back and wish she didn't do you like that.

    • It happened years ago to me and I find it hard to put it all behind me, i've talked to family about it, seen a counsellor too and last time I spoke to her was 6 months ago. They say the best "cure" of getting over someone you thought of as very close is to find a new relationship, its hard for me though since im an introverted gamer, my friends are sick of hearing me go on about her its a big problem for me. Maybe I should just get out of my comfort zone and just talk to women rather than jump into a new relationship, y'know build up my skills with them till im good to go :)

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  • They're fairly common. Just be smarter next time. You know what you did wrong, don't repeat it.

    • I've heard about worse cases (Judith Harper from two and a half men, Katya and Mystery from "The Game - Neil Strauss") but she wasn't far from those two. Yeah I wasn't perfect, mainly I did make one mistake from poor judgement (Although it was a very hard phase for me and she wasn't around to help me) Another thing I did wrong was I allowed it all to happen (Never really took control of the situation and made the decisions myself) and I also let my emotions get the better of me. Lessons learned I guess but yeah, I did get a permanent emotional scar in the process

    • Look at it as field research to make you a better man rather than an "emotional scar".

    • I like your optimism dude, thanks for that :)

  • Nope. Can't stand girls who are so abusive. I would break up with them


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