Is this right? Why would a dude do this?

If an ex breaks up with you without you knowing, you befriend them on Facebook. The main Facebook they are on with family and friends they block you from but they make a new one showing everything but never online but you are not blocked from. They put single on their Facebook status and text you saying they love you and miss you. So I ask why did you put single online but say all these sweet things, stop playing games, be honest what are we? They never responded after that. I haven't contact them for 2 months and they haven't me is that a good idea even though I love them very much? I did not block him because I just felt like that is immature but I did take them off my friends list because they left me. Now all of a sudden numbers I don't know are calling me that wasn't when we were talking. Any advice please.
Lol, Thank You


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  • Some boys are just D bags that will screw you over even after a breakup. A proper MAN doesn't do that. He treats a woman with respect, even if she's an ex.

    • Yes, I forgive him though for God sake and mine. I don't wanna walk around angry or being mean to other people so I had to handle things properly.

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    • Yes I agree

    • Good. That means my work here is over *fires up jetpack and flies away*

  • tf... what kind of... you know what im just going to be straight. That is fucked up. Just ignore his ass

    • I know and I have. He even was calling me after like nothing was going on. I ask him a couple questions he wouldn't respond anymore after.

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