I have just seen on a pic that my very recent ex is on vacation with his ex gf and a bunch of friends? Im so hurt?

Me and my bf have been breaking up for a while. Still talking. I last spoke to him last Friday and he didn't mention anything about a vacation. I see on his ex's Instagram a pic of her and him with a group of other friends. I was only crying to him on the phone about our break up last Friday. I was wondering why I hasn't heard from him and now I know! I'm so hurt. How do I handle this? I'm so mad at him because he always calls me to make sure I'm not with any other guy. I still love him and we're fresh from breaking up. I feel like seeing my ex-ex bf before I met him because he doesn't seem to be going through this breakup alone!


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  • It sucks, it hurts, but no one is at fault. If he's still stopping you from seeing other people then that's a shit thing, but the relationship is over.

    I'd say stop talking to him so you can get over it all. Move on. Don't react or have a fit, just tell him you don't think communication is a good idea for now.


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