Do you think it's to fast to become friends with an ex after two months of a breakup?

We talk on the phone once in awhile. He has a new girlfriend. He wants to hangout and go for lunch with me as friends. He made sure that i don't have any feelings for him but obviously I do. But he lives in another city far from me. He tells me he's in love with this new girl and i was like wow that was quick after two months? lol


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  • Probably too close.

    Had an ex call me two years after breaking up to get together "as friends" after which I quickly fell for her again. She didn't feel the same way.

    Sometimes, it just doesn't work.

    • Why would he say maybe we will date in the future but yet he doesn't want to bring my hopes up! Why would he bring that up in the first place?

    • Not sure. Guys crave power no matter what anyone says, so it could be a weird power play to keep stringing you along.

      Don't want to read too much into a personal situation, but my two cents.

  • Two months is still too close , if you are willing to move on than i would suggest to do nc until you are totally over him..
    just my opinion..


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