Is it ever healthy to remain friends with an ex who has attempted to cheat on you?

Is it giving the ex power? Is it too emotionally stressful? Do you think the best thing for both parties is to go their separate ways? Or do you think there are situations where an ex has betrayed trust but it's still ok to try and have a platonic friendship?


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  • I never have. I don't think they're worthy of it. I can find better friends than that.
    There are some exes that I'd still be friendly to, but I can't say I spend much time with them. Haven't seen one for about 12 years, but we'd still be friendly if we met. I saw another about a year ago, for a few hours.

  • I'm not a fan of friends with exes even on civil breakups unless there's a tie in that forces it like a child.


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