My kids dad is so weird?

So my kids dad got married to "the love of his life" after knowing her for two months. Which is fine because im seeing someone slowly myself. However, his behavior is just odd now. he's only been married a few weeks. It seems like when im upset he is so supportive and acts like a best friend but when im happy he barely speaks to me and acts like i dont exist, even when i speak of our kids he just responds okay but if im sad or going through the motions he's like please you always have me to support you and blah blah blah... is this normal? Can i find a happy medium with him?


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  • Well if your doing good and are happy then in his mind the mother of his children and friend is doing good so he doesn't need to worry because he knows your safe and doing good. If your doing bad then he wants to be there for you because you need help and he is trying to be supportive as a friend and as the father of your children. Now your thing is that you want him to be more attentive to you when your doing good, but you have to keep in mind he has a life to and wants and needs beyond your and his friendship. So although you will always be friends and be there for your children together you still have your own lives and that is what he is trying to balance out. Like you said you are supportive of his life and that's a good thing that you are; that being said you may need to try doing your own thing witch you are, but maybe it's time to take things to the next level in your relationship with who you are seeing. By taking things to the next stage with your new love interest you get the relationship comfort that you want and i believe are searching for. Because from what it seems you already have a very good balance with your ex you just seem to need to take the next step with your current romance. Typically in a relationship that is when you find the comfort of another in the good and the bad, and i feel that, that specific connection is really what your missing or really in some form looking for and by taking a little bit more of an advance in your current relationship you can gain that feeling of comfort. Well i hope my words can be understood and can help you bring perspective on the issue. I wish you luck with your new relationship and in maintaining your bond and friendship with your ex.

    • That's the thing, he's not really there for the kids at all. He hasn't sent me a dime for their care in 6 months. He may call once a week to speak to them which my oldest isn't even 4 so it's kind of dumb. When I'm upset he will talk to me in great lengths but just like yesterday I tried to talk to him about test results for the baby... no response... then I text him again after I spoke to the doctor and he said okay well just keep me updated. I'm thinking for what?

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    • Always have it on paper from the court because then you have physical proof and if you have to go to court again they will need that proof to hold him accountable, and always have important papers in a lock box preferably a security box in a bank. Also if you can get a lawyer do so it is so important to have legal counsel in maters like this i can not stress these things enough. please do them those three things will improve your situation so much and make the process so so much easier.

    • Also until you are given the okay by a lawyer never and i repeat never give him the children if he wants to visit he can go to you.

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  • He's miserable in this new marriage and he misses you

    • I agree with this.

    • He keeps making it seem like he's soooo happy to his family and me which is odd because his life is fairly boring these days and he's used to living on the edge

    • exactly. it's obvious he's lying about that

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  • He misses you and is really attached to you. He has a kid with you and you know that always means that the no strings attached policy is out of the window.

    He can't see you upset and holds himself responsible for making life harder for you as a single parent.
    He is really supportive because he wants to make up for it.

    at the same time he doesn't want you to realize that getting married to his love of life didn't bring him significant happiness. Letting you know that will dent his ego.

    He feels guilty and is egoistic at the same time

    • He lives out of state and he's been trying to get me to relocate with my job but I keep saying no like dude you're married I'm not going anywhere near that situation. Then the other day when I was upset he said marriage isn't what it's cracked up to be. I figured he was saying it to spare my feelings about it.

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    • Pretty much but I'm expected to just be okay with him acting in this manner. He tells me how happy and good he's doing and I'm like well duhhhh if I had the time outside of work and kids to focus on myself, I bet I would surpass you in happiness lol

    • Hahaha
      Well its good that you are holding up well

  • Don't forget. Children are not a tool to use against your ex.

  • yeah he's a weirdo... as you are... you have kids so young? LOL

    • I don't really think my first kid at 25 is young... at all. So I will just leave this whole statement alone.

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    • And you would know this because of all your experience in life? Who are you to judge anyone's situation when you have absolutely no idea about life yourself. I have met plenty of people who were married before that age. I did not destroy my life. Some of the greatest joys in life are from being a parent... but then again you would have no idea.

    • of course i will never have an idea because i will NEVER NEVER NEVER be a parent. i would have thrown away my freedom if i did

  • The guy is crying out of you...
    I have headphones if you need them... i'm here for you blah blah blah.:-P

    • *For*

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    • He keeps saying you're such a great girl and any man would be happy to have you, just don't settle for less than what you deserve Lol it's weird

    • On that note... may i recommend..
      beyonce-irreplaceable. Goodluck.

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