My boyfriend broke up with me after 1 1/2 years and I'm going crazy over getting him back. What do I do?

One day we started fighting and I tried to break up with him but he kept saying things like "No, we're not breaking up" and so on. We stopped fighting and a few days later we fought again. After I got over it and apologized he said he didn't know if he wanted to make up. So I drove over to his house to talk to him about it. At first he wouldn't touch me or anything but soon he didn't want to let me go. Then he said he would go outside and think for a bit and I could sit inside. As soon as he got outside it seemed he came back inside. He told me his best friend asked him to go out of state to work with him. He asked me if he could go and think about us there. First off, It's weird to have him ask my permission. Second, I couldn't say no. So like a girl I started crying and he was comforting me so sweetly. He said he had to get ready to leave so I got up to go back home. He walked me to my car and kissed me a lot. Like he was going to miss me terribly. He told me that he loved me and I said it back then left. He asked me not to talk to him while he was away so I didn't. Until the last night anyway. This awful guy was telling me things I knew my boyfriend would like to know so I tried to call him but he didn't answer then he texted me and asked. I never got to tell him but it didn't matter because late the next night he texted me and said he couldn't be with me anymore. This is weird because he's done this before and CRAWLED back to me. I don't know if he just wants some space or if he truly doesn't want me. Everyone tells me I could do so much better, even his best friend (not the same one he went on a trip with). But I don't want to do better. Now I just want to know what I need to do to get him back.
I think he just really misses his friends because I know he loves me


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  • "Everyone tells me I could do so much better, even his best friend "

    Then they're probably right.

    Why do you want him back? You just wrote a small novel on all the pain he has caused you. Stop trying to win him back and focus your attention on YOU. Start living life one day at a time and the pain will go away. All the time you waste sulking over him (when he's obviously over you) an opportunity could go right by your face.

    • I don't think he's over me though. I don't really want to be without him.

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