Why do I miss my ex boyfriend and feel bad that I ended our relationship?

I was having doubts and on paper I made a list of why our relationship works or is not working well. It seemed like there were a lot of problems that were not fixable.

And my friends and mom agreed with me that they are big problems that won't go away. Like I am a religious person and he is not and religion is something i will need in my life. And he has a lot of issues from his former marriage both emotionally and financially. The emotional problems affected how he treated me and he was in denial.

But now I am really missing him and our times together. Is that normal? I know deep down there were problems in our relationship that are big and not easily fixed. But I enjoyed being with him and I miss him now and lying in his arms.


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  • Three years ago, an Egyptian man found me on FB and we started a whirlwind romance. After getting to know him better on Skype, I then flew off to the magical land of Cairo, where I stayed 30 days. It went so well I went back over where we ended up tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice.
    He never wanted a Muslim girl, never found anything thrilling about even having one on his arm. He was hell bent all of his life in marrying an American girl, a Christan girl, because she was someone whom he found more exciting and inviting And---Unique. That was the chemistry that lit our blazing fire. I accepted His religion being Muslim and some strict customs and he in turn respected Mine, never tried to change me, nor me change him and with this, That part of our relationship was what Didn't Cause----Big problems down the Mulberry bush.
    However, there were other 'Bigger' Ones when I came back home and much of it was my fault. And with our many ups and downs like a romance roller coaster, it was just a train wreck that was Bound to crash. The Middle East has just gotten worse since I was last there and I haven't returned since. He is feeling he has no wife, no life, and it has caused War of the Roses. Unconditional love wasn't enough... Compromise was Missing.
    If you were having 'Big problems that won't go away,' then Compromise was One of them. And being Religion plays a very important part in many couple's lives, if One is without it, then yes, it can follow down a beaten path, even till death do you both 'Part.'
    On your list, with everything you've been weighing, I am betting you never added The Missing and the kissing. And on this list as well, you may never had dreamed how much you'd be 'Missing'------Lying in his arms.
    One thing I learned from own experience, however maybe too late for me, that if two people really love one another, Nothing is Too big to be fixed.
    Second thoughts is not a sin...
    Good luck. xx

  • I can feel your frustration and hope that you find comfort in my words: my ex-boyfriend and I ended our relationship really bad after three years. Both being hurt, unable to find closure with each other's words- but by ours, rather. I don't know how it happened, but I found love much sooner than I anticipated-- so soon that I wasn't even planning on dating. I am in a great relationship and am loyal to by boyfriend but, like you, think about my ex probably every day. It is not because I want to be back with him (after a lot of work, I've accepted that this will never work) but because he was my best friend. I have forgiven him and respect him greatly for being such a wonderful person and leaving me with beautiful memories. Yes, I miss many things that only we would do- from hobbies, to food, to thoughts.. but I know that things will never be the same. After months of "moving on", I know that only time will heal. Had I not met my amazing boyfriend (who listens to me when we discuss this topic, is not scared of losing me, and only cares about my happiness), I would still be in that hole with my ex running in circles.

    You will feel that solitude and you will miss those arms and kisses but if you give yourself the chance to explore your liking's and what else the world has to offer to you so you can know yourself better, you'll realize that everything happens for a reason. You'll either find it easier to give space to him... or you'll realize that you need to be with him because that is the best you can do and it will not hurt to fight to get it. I'm willing to bet it will be the first option so you have no choice to enjoy life and you'll decide when you're ready.


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