Is this the grass is greener, ex Of 3 years left me for another guy we broke up 4 months ago and I've had no contact for 2 months?

I fell in love with this girl the first time i saw her, in the begining of the relationship she cheated on me and i took her back and everything was ok for a while but i had a problem trusting her, i was scared she would do that to me again, 3 years together she lied too me a lot about things we argued and we fight a lot about trusting and accussing, she did a lot of things to make me think she would cheat, she moved to a different state couple hrs away from me, things were going down hill and was getting bad, she hid a guys number in her phone and told me he's just a friend now she is with him, she broke up with me wks after me finding that out and told me she was not happy in the relationship because i didn't have trust in her, this was June 6 and i begged and pleaded to her to come back to me for 2 months, she went out with the guy 3 wks after the break up and i knew everything that was going on i wanted to fix things between us but she was being a bitch and cold too me i didn't know what to do i sacrificed a lot for this girl i gave up basketball friends to give her all my attention, in August i asked her to come see me. And i bought her flowers a promise ring and a chain i then expressed to her how sorry i was for accussing her and my mind was still in the pass and was afraid she would do the same thing to me again she told me she dont feel anything for me nomore and she is with the guy, and also he got locked up on July 1st and got out in August and went back in couple days after that, i ve had no contact with her since August 10, and i dont plan on reaching out too her but ny love for is still flowing and can't get her off my mind i dont feel pain nomore i dont wish to get back with her im much happy with out her now i got through the pain but im just wondering if anyone been in my position and did the ex try to make contact and get you back or apologize to you? How can i move on for sure im just waiting for and apology, regret,
Also before i went no contact with her she been giving me mixed signals is this gigs


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  • sorry for your loss. I have had cheaters cheat on me. best thing is not to expect an apology. nothing they do can un do what they did to you...

    I just spend more time with friends, go to the pub and have a bit of fun, at the end of the day I know I deserve better. I have a bf and we both have been cheated on. we both share similar values, perspectives, experiences...

    know you tried your best and you should be thankful, you've been given an opportunity to be with someone else. someone who can and will deserve your trust and love.


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