I regret the break-up. Is that normal?

I just broke up with my bf of 7 years. I have been frustrated for a long time, we lived in a LDR and two months ago we finally lived together, but things went even more down from there. He was bossing me around and gave me no support although I was in a very stressful situation.
Now I got offered an appartment and I took it. It felt like a "sign", that I had to move on.
The last days have been hell. He is trying to convince me that I am making a mistake since we both still have feelings for each other, and that the situation might have changed now (since my stress is over).
I am devastated and feel guilty, but everyone tells me its the right thing to do. I am crying and wish I could turn it back, but I am also afraid that things won't change between us.
I just need some advise of people who have been through a break-up. Is it normal to feel regret?


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  • Yes. You've spent 7 years with him, of course that is normal to feel like that. It's really hard to move away, it's really hard to wake up every day and realize he's not there anymore. But regretting is a part of moving on. Once you made the decision, you need to hang on it, even if you're hurt and desperate. You can never turn back to a memory, and in the second you decided you're not working anymore, he became one.
    When you're down and feel like taking it all back, think about the times when he hurt you and remember why you'd left him in the first place.
    Be strong, girl!!

    • Thank you for your explicit and nice answer! You are right, I haven't seen him an few days and it already feels better. At first I felt I overreacted, but then I remembered why I did it and it gets better by the hour :-)

    • I'm very glad :) Be strong and let him disappear from your mind :)

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  • The fact he's trying to "force" you back is a sign you did the right thing. You miss him, that's normal after having been together for so long. Truth is, living together proved you're incomatible in the long run.

    So i'd say you did the right thing, even if it was painfull.

    • Thank you! You said the exact words. I left him, because he was manipulative and that's exactly what he tried to do with me again, making me feel guilty for leaving him and trying to force me to reconsider. as soon as he is out of sight, I realize that I did the right choice.

    • YOu were blinded by love, and he kept you clouded in a web of manipulation... That is a dangerous mix, and i'm glad you got things sorted out :)
      Good luck further in life, and even if you're of your age, don't give up dating just yet. You got one advantage that girls in their early teens don't have; you are mature hand have better judgement on the same time as the men of your age are mentally developed XD

  • You have to ask yourself why you regret it? Sometimes you do, and sometimes your don't, but feeling regret can be a sign you miss him, or a sign you have been with him so long your simply uncomfortable and re=adjusting to being without him

  • Girls often nuke the relationship just to see some emotional reaction from the guy, then wonder why they can't just glue everything back together, you know, like after a real nuclear bomb?


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