What should I do? please help?

Me and my boyfriend started going out on february.. we have been going out for like 7 months now.. we are having a long distance relationship cause i moved to norway.. but 2 months ago.. after i moved i met this other guy.. and he is really sweet and nice and a few weeks ago i started thinking about him a lot... we hang out almost every day and we usually sit on Skype and talk. i barely talk to my boyfriend because of the hour difference. there is like 4 and a half. i go to bed at 9:30 and he usually gets home at 4.. which is like 8:30.. but recently we haven't been on Skype a lot.. i am not saying is his fault cause i have basketball and swimming not including school and homework. i am also planning on getting a little job, so i dont have to depend much on my parents. Since we dont talk much i think i am losing feelings for him... he also changed a little after i moved.. at first he didn't seem as he wanted to talk to me because he was hurt. But the thing is i am developing feelings for my friend.. i dont know if the feeling is mutual, but i really feel bad for liking someone else while i have a boyfriend. And i know it will hurt him to know that like someone else.. but its the truth and i want him to know. That would probably lead to break up. We will both be upset cause i am really sensitive and so is he. I would still want to be friends even if we break up. but i dont want to be to rough on him and tell him straight away.. How could i let him know without hurting his feelings that much?


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  • Oh god another common incident. LOL
    Okay let's be realistic. Just tell him that you want to have break up because you like some other guy friend. You will have to tell him anyways.
    Don't cheat. That would be disgusting.
    Being truthful and getting hated is 10 times better than being liar and getting hated.
    I advice you to end your relationship even if it is not working with your new friend in future.

    • i won't cheat.. its horrible and inmature.. i just want to let him know in a gentle way ><

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    • Well it is just a matter of time. After some days you both will move on.
      But as i said you have to make sure that you don't want him anymore.

    • even if i wasn't sure if i want him or not.. i feel like telling him either way.. cause the more i wait in telling him the more hurt he will get

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