Does he really plan to breakup or is it just his bruised ego?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years. We both loved each other a lot. Three days back we got into a fight over something serious. I was enraged and for the first time I said something about how he took all favours from me and was not man enough to do anything for me. I hung up on him after that. He didn't talk to me for two days so I messaged him. He said that it was over and that he was done taking " favours "" from me. I apologised profusely. Today when I tried to talk he said calmly that it was over between us and that he felt no love for me anymore. I just don't know if it is just anger speaking or do guys really get so offended that they just break up with you


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  • Honestly, if you spoke half as bad as it sounded like, you kind of deserved it!
    You did offend him quite deeply (especially if you both know you're both giving equally to the relationship), so honestly he got all reasons to blame you.

    Give him a week to see if things settle. If he's still serious... well, i'm afraid you fucked up bigtime :/

    • especially if you both know you're both giving equally to the relationship),

      she never said they were. she apologized bc she didn't want him to leave. not bc she didn't mean what she said.

      i dont think what she said was wrong. just how she said it was sexist. but he can discuss that with her if he carted about the relationship instead of running away. if he carted. i dont think he cares i think he just wants to pout. bc its easier than accountability.

    • We can discuss this to the death, but here''s what we know
      1. She offended him.
      2. They've been together for 2 and a half year.
      3. The more you love, the harder you take insults.
      "she apologized bc she didn't want him to leave. not bc she didn't mean what she said." Which brings us back to the question of how much each of them "give". If she was right, she got all the right to appologize because she didn't want him to leave. If he is the one giving the most, or if they give equally he has all the right to expect an appology because she was wrong when she insulted him in anger. But the thing is, we don't know that, so we can't judge on that. We can simply point out the variables.
      You think he's runing from responsibility? What if she's trying to dodge the truth (That the insults was wrong)? That's the thing about not knowing the full story. We can't tel.
      I think he cares, because how else would they last for 2 and a half year? So question is, why is he not accepting the apology?

    • hence the conclusion; depending on the reasons behind thhe outburst, how true the outburst was, and what reasons they have for their behavior afterwards, it can be either nobody's fault, her fault, or his fault. But we can't tell, because we lack the details and information to determine it.

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  • if you were really upset about something why are you apologizing. if you guys get back together he's just going to go back to the same behavior bc you said its ok you're fault not hide.

    maybe you could have said it in a different way bc mans or woman or w/e he should be matching our efforts with his, but that doesn't mean you should apologize for expressing yourself.

    and if you were enraged then you must have really felt what you were saying so to pretend its all fine you dont care just bc you dont want to lose him is a horrible move.

    plus look. you guys had a disagreement. out happens. if he's going to break up with you every time you get upset about stuff he does then he's really not in the relationship.

    people have to feel free to express themselves. if he doesn't like HOW you're doing it thats fair,.

    but to just storm off bc you pointing out he's not holding up his end.. c'mon how illd is he 6?

    either he's bluffing or he's angry enough to end things bc of a not even a disagreement but bc you were raising something you saw as unjust. does it really matter if he's lying offended or really so angry he can't be with you. are any of those the behavior of someone who 'loves you a lot' NO.

    love isn't prideful or manipulative or vengeful or spiteful or spooled,. none of the things he's exhibiting are love.

    if you can't get him back without eating your words -as appeased to discussing them- then leave him. he doesn't respect you and you won't respect yourself if you stay with him.

    i didn't say leave. i sad leave IF he can't be an adult and hear you lout and communicate not manipulate.

    anyone who gets offended by the truth isn't ready for a relationship;,


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  • It's over, he will find a girl who appreciates him.


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  • He just broke up with you. You said it yourself it was in a calm voice. Sorry I think that he did not say it out of anger


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