GUYS: What is the reason behind an ex"casually" txtng U after a breakup? random "how u been"? after 2 months being over? whats behind this?

I already moved on its been 2months, I already met someone so I have no desire to talk to him, he is use to me always replying even if it was SMALL talk I was the one more into our relationship then he was.. this is his second text and I haven't replied, what's the reason behind this? i am not trying to look too deep into it but he is already on dating sites, like why bother with me im sure he is busy with new chicks why text me? thanks for your kind time.


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  • Because no one likes weird awkwardness and bad blood; he probably considered you a friend, in addition to a girlfriend, and he just wants to know how you are doing. The other reason is that he misses you and wants back in the action.

    • I understand he wants to be friends, for whatever reason, but when i use to text here and there he rarely replied and if so ONE WORD, when with other " girls" i see him talkative chit chatter, he knows i had strong feelings for him, so i didn't care for friendship, decided to move on and ignore him the way he ignores me, i dont serve a purpose in his life, so why "re-visit" the past with his weird HELLOS?

    • Maybe at first it was hard for him to deal with you guys breaking up. He was probably feeling shitty, and each time you texted him it reminded him of the relationship ending. Now he is more over it and ready to get back in the game. Ironically enough, sometimes men can be much more emotional then women. You seem to have a better handle on thing.

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