Will they never break up again?

If he owns an apartment with her does that mean he will never leave? Will they still be together in 5 years time, married with kids?

Does he truly love her or has he settled?
I know this couple. Both aged 28 and they have been together since they were 21. They have heaps in common including the same friends and a love of sport.

But 4 years into their relationship the guy left the girl. She was shattered. But a few weeks later he was posting on facebook, "I'm a complete mess!"

And to that his sister replied, "You'll get through this. I know it's hard but just remember how you felt before."

To me that sounds like he was sad that it was over and he missed her. But from what his sister was saying it sounds like he lost feelings for his girlfriend and had been wanting to leave her for a while... It wasn't a snap decision after a fight, "remember how you felt before."

But he went back to her and then 6 months later they bought an apartment and moved in together. It's been 2 years but there is no engagement yet.

Also, the girl's weight has increased a lot over their relationship. She's quite big. Maybe this had something to do with it?
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  • I think if they have to break up they will. It doesn't matter if they own a place together, they'd just make an agreement as to who gets what or who stays/goes if their relationship can't seem to stay together. I'm not saying they won't stay together, I'm just saying their reason for staying together or leaving each other will not be because they have joint ownership of the same place, rather it will be either they love each other and have found a way to make the relationship work or they can't find a way to make it work and choose to separate.


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