Do you think dumping someone is harder than being dumped because you are causing yourself and the other person pain?

ever had a situation where you cared for your bf or gf greatly but you knew the relationship would ultimately fail so you had to end it even though you still had feelings for him or her and knew you would be lonely after?

i still cared for my recent ex when I broke up w him and I still do. I just had to break up with him because I knew in the long run we did not want the same life and I realized it had to end.

It was SO hard to break up-it hurt him and I felt SO guilty it was unbearable. Plus, now I am so lonely and missing him like crazy. and I think he is lonely too and misses me.

But it just had to end.

I sometimes wished he would dump me so this way I would not have to worry anymore.


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  • No it's not harder. It's probably easier because you see it coming. Imagine two people love each other a lot. Then one suddenly gets dumped. It's asif you get slammed into a wall when it happens.

    Also why did you think it wouldn't work out in the end? Because that seems like an easy statement to make.


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  • Haha of course, its up to you and your decision and you get to drop the bomb how you want.

  • I think the oppesite.


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