Am I crazy or is he making things worse?

My ex and I were together 5 years and got a loan for his benefit in my name to help him, when we broke up he promised to pay it back, he got a new gf and I told him I was ok as long as he's happy and to get this loan done and dusted so we can live our lives, but now he keeps ignoring me and I keep it simple and just about the loan but when he does talk to me he reminds of things from when we were together, he also drives past my house and work without talking or seeing me... I feel like I'm going crazy... Is he tryin to linger in my life? Is he trying to prevent me from completely moving on?


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  • I think he's just trying to get out of paying u the money he owes u by making u think he wants to get back with u

    • thanks I think I'm hoping he not such an arsehole but sadly I think he might be hahaha

    • Yep m. en can be asses

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