How can I stop being obsessive?

I'm currently struggling right now. Last week I caught my ex on a website that is to send nudes back and forth. Needless to say, he was asking for nudes from other chicks. I don't know and will never know if he sent any in return. I took him back since this was the first time he's ever gone behind my back. BIG MISTAKE.

I should have left him then and there. Because three days later, he left me. He said he was tired of the fighting, which was often due to the distance and his lack of ability to give me attention.

By attention, all he ever wanted to do was text. I didn't like that. He never wanted to call.

Anyway, this is his second time leaving me and I don't want to get back with him. I just want to get over him. He's been abusive both emotionally and physically.

However, I feel crazy. I know his passwords to most of his social medias, and even his email. I found myself looking at everything almost on a daily basis and I want to stop. This obsession is hurting me and scaring me at the same time.

I saw things I never wanted to see. Just today I saw him sent 2 gifs to himself of girls.. sucking on guys. Clearly he has issues because I was never enough. I also just saw that he made a new Kik, which obviously is to talk to girls.

He was never good to me but for some reason I keep thinking about him. I need help! I don't want to keep stalking him, it's making me sick and hating myself in turn.

What should I do?


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  • You need to go cold turkey and stay off the internet for a few days.


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  • Girl I was in your same position last year! I would go on my ex boyfriends email and have access to his POF, okcupid and facebook! Id check his email daily, snoop through his phone (alwAys found pictures I never wanted to see) and id do this multiple times a day. I even got so bad I almost installed a spy app on his phone... It'll take some time but it'll pass. Surround yourself with friends, focus on school or your job more. Put the effort that you were putting into that guy into your hobbies/job/education. he is not your worth your time or your effort. You already know he's moved on, now you need to.


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  • Leave him. This happened to me. He seems like he only wanted sex and you probably didn't give it to him so he got pissed off. It's not you, trust me. If you really want to get over him stop stocking him. It shows you still care. Convince yourself that you don't and very soon you will be moving on. He just wanted sex, not your heart. Get yourself together and find a guy that wants your heart, and you will see who will have the last laugh.(trust me it will be you)!! <3 Follow me I follow back!!


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