What does it mean when your ex still introduced you as his gf and really y'all are not together?

I recently went to a wedding with my ex boyfriend his cousin got married. And I met some of his cousins and he introduce me as his girlfriend to them. And his mom also did it as well. I'm really confused because when I ask him are we going to get back together he keep saying he doesn't know. His mom want us to be together and she said she think he need his alone time. Which is fine with me but I'm not about to sit here and wait on no man.


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  • Well then why are you dealing with your ex in the first place? Never deal with ex's, it only causes confusion.

    • Cause I thought we will work things out

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    • He told me he need his space but he text me everyday and so on

    • "needs space" means he's stringing you along while he checks out other girls to find one. Drop him. And who cares about text? It's just that, text. quick, easy, and lazy. Anyone can text anyone without putting their heart into it.

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