Do you guys occasionally text an ex to keep a window open "just in case". or for validation that " she still want me", what is the reason?

you text your ex so when she replies you don't respond, at all.. so now that she is no longer replying as FAST as he want it, he shoots randoms " hi" and whats up... whats behind this behavior I know is not wanting us back that has been established already


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  • Ask yourself, why would you do that when texting someone?
    there you got the answer.

    • I don't get your point

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    • I see hahah ya I did I said don't contact me anymore a month into our separation and he texted me for 3 days s8 asking why and why and why and even reached out to my aunt asking why I wasn't talking to him, so I guess ignoring him would slap his arrogant ways away

    • nope, it won't. He'll keep pinging you and try to reach him. Reply with a real going over whre you basically tell him to SHUT THE F**K UP, and get out of your life for good. And don't bother hiding it either.

  • Maybe u were really an important part of his life and he doesn't want to lose u , other reason might be selfish reasons doesn't want u to move on

    • I may agree with the second not the first he was selfish and ego centric with me, never cared and now all of the sudden he wants to be "friendly" texting me stupid shit 😒,

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