Should I keep talking to this guy who exchanges nudes to other girls?

So, there's this guy and I've liked him for about a year now. I recently heard he exchanges nudes and talks sexually to other girls. Not just one or two girls over a handful of girls. I really like him but I don't know if I should continue to talk to him or drop him. He means a lot but I'm not sure if he is worth it.


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  • I didn't have to read the description. The answer is a resounding NO!


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  • You should drop it with him, I don't think he is worth your time if he just exchanges nudes to other girls and sweet talks them then no don't be worthy of his time. It seems like he likes talking dirty to girls and just making them think he likes them when in reality he just wants to get in there panties, be careful and be wise.

    • That was the most amazing advice. Thank you so much. I'm sticking with your advice. I just hope he doesn't try to pop up in my life again.

    • Don't talk to him anymore, I've had guys online ask me to take nudes and stuff and I don't do it and when I don't they get mad at me but idc I'm not going to expose my body to some stranger. And your welcome so much (: A lot of times too those pics can end up online and then you can't get them off

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