I still can't move on?

Okay, so basically, I broke up with my boyfriend two months ago. It was just not working out, and it was harmful to both of us if we kept going. At first, it was really, really difficult- I found myself crying my eyes out and screaming and all that fun stuff, and considering how difficult it is to make me cry, that's pretty bad. I'm not crying or anything anymore, but we do still talk from time to time through Facebook. That's the only way we can talk, anyway, since we were long distance.

Anyway, he seems to be getting really close to having another relationship again. I'm happy for him, but at the same time, I feel like there's something wrong with me. I haven't tried to get into another relationship yet (partially due to my shyness, partially because this break up hit really hard). We were together for 1 1/2 years and it was my first relationship. I know it sounds cheesy, but I really thought for the longest time that we would always be together.

Is this normal for first break ups? I thought that I would be over him by now, especially since he's moving on.

And how can I move on? I know I haven't been doing much with my days, and I might get a job in a few days, so that might help, but all the same, anything else?

Please and thank you, everyone.


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  • Real first relationships are hard to forget and hun honestly you gotta give yourself more time to move on and recover. There is nothing wrong with you. Some people just take longer than others to pick their hearts off the ground and move on. I am happily in love in my current rship but I will still have a place in my heart for my first real love. Its hard to forget sometimes. Just be in a relationship with YOU for now until you feel confident enough to find a new partner

    • Thank you so much ^^ this makes me feel better, I guess I've just gotta give myself some more time. This was really helpful, thanks again <3

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  • I understand how you feel, I have gone through the same recently.

    The emotional pain is unreal & too much to bear sometimes.


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