Ex girlfriend is confused wants space?

We know eachother for 4 years and started dating 2 years after. I am 21 and she is 19 and we did a lot togheter. I know all her family and relatives and we flew to Italy for a week at my mom. After that we decided to move there after a year to start a life there.2 weeks ago (a month before we have to go to Italy) she broke upo with me from nowhere. After that we seen eachother a few times. She said that she is confused and wants to have fun. She is seeing another guy a friend of our that we know for 2 months. He liked her before the break up and I know he has an influence on her behaviour. She is going out all night and lying to me. Her mother called me and said that she talked to her. She said to her mother that she went out with that guy but she told him that she is not ready for a relationship with him. I've seen them togheter a few times and I am confused because she didn;t give me an answer. She just said that she needs space. I feel that she is thinking to choose between him or me. I don't know what to do I have to go to Italy soon and I want to know what she wants. She changed a lot and very fast. She never behave like this. I initiated no contact 4 days ago and she kept calling me to talk random stuff... I can't believe she would do this to me after 2 years togheter. I want her back but she doesn't seem to care anymore she's not doing anything about it. She keeps hanging out all night and I think with that guy. Please any help would be great...


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  • Problem #1. She's your ex, never deal with exs. As you see you've written a small novel of the pain heartache caused by it. It will only continue

    Problem #2: You used two classic words and one phrase that are guaranteed proof this over. Ex, confused, and "need space". Confused and need space is girl talk for "I already met someone else."

    • I don't know I think she is really confused wich one to pick right now. She said to him that she doseb;t want a relationship with him I don't know maybe she is thinking about me... She contacted me yesterday to give her something back that she left at my place.. She that she is going to stop by today... I don;t know what to say to her.. As I said I didn't called her for 4 days and she kept calling and asking me random stuff.. I can't give up on her because I love her and her mother keeps telling me I should try again for the last time. That guy is taking advantage of her situation and her emotions right now and he is giving her the attention she needs right now... She changed a lot since the break up I think she wants to prove me something..

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