How do I make it unweird with this dude I use to date?

We use to hit up schlittetbahn, movies, cool restraunts; Interduce me to his family & friends. Make love until i cry!! But we can't date because he is a jew!! Pushing a relationship on him && showing feeling has only created distance. He gives me punani butterflies plus extreme anxiety niw!! How do you tap out of that mind state & go back to just be homies? Wish we never had sex!!
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He is a rabbi, jews aren't suppose to encourage you to convert!!! I've been flirting with other dudes in front of him now he ignoring me on a extreme level. You think he still cares 4 me?


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  • Why can't you date? His mom wants him to marry a nice Jewish girl? If you like that shit enough, convert.

    • I wrote you a comment, virgin to this cite so it ended up on updates

    • Yeah, if you're flirting with other dudes in front of him, and he wasn't s'posed to be fucking you in the first place, he's probably gotten his priorities in order. He might care for you, but probably not going to be fucking you again, and probably going to just try moving on (ie: ignore you harder till he finds someone else to be with - maybe you could be remote, non-touching, friends after that?)

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