She's still mad 3 months later, even though we weren't even in a relationship or had sex?

So dated this girl, we talked about sex we flirted heavily but she started playing games so I called her out and walked away and she told me she doesn't have feelings for me and can't change that - even though we agreed to sex.

2 months later, she's still mad even when I tried talking to her she was really pissed off and angry with me, she removed me from all social media -Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, etc. then started giving me the silent treatment and cold shoulder even when I was just being cordial. What's her deal, if she has no feelings for me why is she acting this hostile then passive aggressive?


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  • She was probably just in it for the sex or just to play with your mind. Don't get worked up about it she didn't deserve you!! <3


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  • Just leave her alone, she seems really immature. I'm glad you didn't fall for her games, seems like she liked the attention


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  • She's probably pissed off that you didn't find her irresistible, even after started playing games.
    Women ARE mad, so what? Did anyone ever accuse them of being sane and sensible?

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