Help reconnect with my husband as we are going through a rough patch?

I need advice on things I can do to help my husband and I to get through a rough patch we are going through. I love him dearly and want him to know that I mean it. We had a pretty horrible argument 3 days ago and since then has slept in his office. I have said sorry and we are getting a long but the intimacy is totally non existing and he won't even say I love you when I say it to him. I think his ego is bruised and he is holding a grudge. He says that action speak louder then words which I understand. I just don't know what to do to help him get over this and to reconnect with him on all levels.


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  • i believe all mistakes outside cheating are forgivable , on a situation like this , time is the essence , just give it a time and be patient for a while..
    since you are husband and wife , the other way to reconcile is through sexual approach , just spoil him a bit and seduce him him with your nicest collection of lingeries , it's real weak spot of most men since ancient..;p
    just my opinion..

    • I thought about surprising him with a blow job but he won't even let me kiss him on the check. I am trying to be patient telll him I love him and be kind to him and doing little things to try and remind him of what we have is special.

    • i see , so the problem is money , based from several thread with same topic i read before , sexual apporach isn't likely work in short term , i thought your idea about staying with room mate is good idea , try to pretend that you dont miss him and see his reaction later..

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  • What was the argument about?

    • We are both stressed about money. He is working on his home business and is having a hard to getting it to generate income. He is in this program that will give him a government grant but he might lose the grant if his site doesn't start generating sales. I basically told him that it was his fault he lost his job and we are in the situation we are in. He knows I am sorry but he just won't fully get past this and right now it feels like I am living with a room mate rather then my husband.

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    • It sounds like he sees it as you not helping. Are you not sure how to help?

    • I work a lot of shift work and in the last 3 weeks I have worked 6 days in a row and with children at home and a baby on the way I am just to tired. He knows I support him just that I haven't helped him in a physical way.

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