A good way to move on from an ex?

What is the best way to move on from an ex?


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  • 1. Cut off all contact
    2. Accept that it's over and grieve.
    3. Be social. Hang out with your friends. Meet new people.
    4. Don't jump into anything to quickly
    5. Work on you, and give yourself all the attention you deserve.
    6. Leave the past behind and move on.

    • But he's the one who always text me. We recently went to the movies together and he told me he don't want me out of his life but he don't know if he wants to be with me.

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    • I'm not waiting on him. I am moving on slowly. I have accepted the fact that we not together and I am happy but I just have hope we are but I'm doing my own things. When we talk it don't be about us getting back together just on some friendly stuff I'm just cool with whatever the wind blows

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  • For me, it was focusing on myself, making new friends, partying, dating around. Just realizing life was good before them and it can still be good after. Just accept they were a lesson to make you a wiser person.

    • I really feel like he's the one for me. I never had a hard time getting over someone like this before he still contact me daily and his mom as well.

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  • you got learn to ignore all means of communication
    meet other guys who are nice , who will truly love you
    try to keep your self busy with friends, relatives try to
    go to outings ( movies, mall, friends house) the worse
    thing is to stay around the house with not keeping busy
    but staying there while thinking of him and wish things
    were still the way they were before that makes you depress
    keep telling your self that you can move on without him
    think of all the bad things that caused the break up

    • Meet more girl friends try not meeting male friends right away
      stay away from hook ups and try not get into drinking, drugs

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  • Not hook ups and/or drinking. Do your own thing and things that you enjoy.


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