I want GUYS opinion, and no shame on admitting just tell me the truth, at the end of the day WHY DO U DO THIS? ans please?

My ex and I broke up. He was an arrogant bastard. ( long story short ) But "wanted to remain friends" So casually texted here and there, I WOULD ALWAYS reply no matter what and send emails how much I loved him bla bla. But he wanted "friendship" so I moved on and met Some1. Lately he has been texting me, I don't reply. WHAT FOR! I met Some1 amazing. And text after text one called my attention " if I was too cool now" and I said " hahha I wasn't cool before "? And he replied "nope" now why would he start shit with me? Is he trying to get my attention or what? I didn't reply, I'll let
Em sulk that he no longer calls my attention.


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  • Long story short , he's still holding up hopes of something turning out... being the plan B or plan C or plan D or whatever.
    Honestly , if I break up with someone , as a guy... I like to do it clean and do it quick , leave no trace behind and walk our lives as if we never knew each other , most woman probably don't want to hear that but why linger when all it does is distract from your current goals right?

    But I suppose the attraction of being a potential plan B if your current relationship goes back has it's appeal to the... more plotting sort of fella.

    • So with his stupid texts that he's been sending me its a form of " trying to keep me around " I seriously doubt it, but why would he text me? If according to him I wasn't cool before? Sigh who gets you guys lol

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    • Hey good on you girl , just be careful eh?
      You too probably shared a litttttle bit too much during the relationship for it to turn sour so... probably time to change a little something to make that information outdated.

    • Lol thanks. But not
      Quite sure what do you mean 😰. Just thought he tried to be funny or mean by saying that "nope" I wasn't cool before, is his weird way to get my
      Attention. The less I reply the more text I get
      Him. I guess his dating site isn't working out haha

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  • He misses you but doesn't want to admit it-- too proud, probably. Take it as a compliment, mand don't waste energy getting angry with him.

  • Who cares? He's your ex. Move on. Rule #1: Never deal with ex's.


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