Can a horrible relationship experience cause ptsd?

I have had really bad luck with relationships and women. About 7 years ago I was engaged bought a house to raise the child that was on the way. Well a year after the child was born we got into an argument and she said she didn't think the kid was mine. yes all of this after i witnessed birth, named the kid and raised him for a year. Well after going through the whole court system and being treated like a dead beat dad from the courts until the paternity test came back i was not the father. Well two years after this i was interduced through friends to a girl that i dated for for 3 years which ended up with here cheating on me with someone i thought was a good friend and had known for 15 years. Pretty much have been single since i am scared of relationships now the pain i went through was by far intense and nothing i would ever wish upon my worst enemy.


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  • It absolutely can. That relationship seemed very dysfunctional, and it very well could have traumatized you. Have you gone to therapy at all?


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