I've broken up with my girlfriend for over 3 months now and I want her back. She cut me off so how can I establish any contact with her?

We broke up over something I lied about but it was nothing to do with cheating with another women. She was very hurt to have cut me off. The broke up was initially mutual as I accepted it however turned bad when I realized I couldnt live without her and started to beg and plead for her to come back. However I went into the No Contact for about a month now. Anyone with any advise? I really want her back.
I need some advise and opinion from all girls out there. Thanks!
Thanks for the comments. Did you bf break up with you or did you made that decision? My gf once said, she didn't want to be in a relationship with me during this period however she also did pointed out that, there might be a possibility in future.


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  • Hi there! I'm sorry to hear about your situation. My bf and I broke up for the first time a few months ago but he was the one that made a mistake. I kept asking friends and posting online for advice and every answer I got was "if he truly loves you he WILL find a way to find you/contact you." What he did was he looked up the number to my job and got a hold of me because it was his only way. The reason he called my job was because he tried calling my phone, my mom's phone, he even came to my house but I never opened the door lol. So maybe if you could try any of those things? If it sounds crazy I don't think any form of contact to try to get the person you love back is crazy at all.


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  • Okay. Here it goes.
    1. Never beg... ever!! You already did, so don't do it anymore. When you beg, it's like telling her that her opinion is wrong and you invalidate her feelings.
    2. Leave her alone. This is crucial. When people are mad at you, you MUST give her space to calm down. She made an emotional choice, and respecting her choice is actually showing her that you care and respect her. Begging her to change her mind is like you trying to change her. It's offensive, so leave her be. Don't call. Don't email, don't text, do nothing. If she's on your Facebook, do NOT stalk her. Take her out of your feed.
    3. See what you did wrong and fix it for yourself. I don't know what you lied about, but the point is that you LIED. If she's been hurt before by a liar, than there's very little margin for error.
    3. Let her come to you. Delete her number so you're not tempted. Trust me on this.
    4. Work on you, and improve yourself for you.
    5. Don't wallow or stew. It'll just make you nuts. Don't go there.
    6. Meet new people. Get out. Socialize. Go out with your friends and have some fun.
    7. If she does contact you: BE CALM. BE COOL. Don't get back to her right away. It makes you look desperate. Stay calm, and listen to her. Genuinely listen to her and acknowledge her feelings. Be sincere and calm.
    8. Don't say anything you don't mean.

    If you follow this list, than you'll be fine, weather she comes back or not.


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  • I don't agree with the guy who said don't contact her. You lied. You upset her. This is your mess to put right. I do agree when he said don't beg or plead or stalk, but you've done a month no contact. You've shown her you can respect her space and you've given her enough time to rationalise and decide she either misses you or wants to move on. Now you have to initiate that contact. Ask her to meet for a drink. But if she says no, leave it x

  • That's not true. It does not mean she has moved on. If you really love her, there's a few things you can do...
    You can make her some present to show her that you care... and give it to her directly. bring it to her house...
    and just wait a couple of days if she respond to it...

  • Im sorry but she has clearly made her decision. You are not getting her back. I advice you to give up and leave her alone. She has already moved on


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  • going no contact is wrong in my opinion as well. you shouldn't be bombarding her with texts either, its about establishing a healthy communication. in your case, you state, you did something that hurted her a lot. there is nothing more manly, then a guy telling a girl he is sorry for what he did and apologizing. dont beg , show her you are truelly sorry for what you did, surprise her and be original make her think about the good times you guys had. do what your heart tells you to do, love is a matter of the heart and not rational thinking. you can salvage the relatnship but dont make the same mistakes again. have a friendly conversation with her, and maybe not try to bring up the things that caused the relantship to end. be the fun person she was together with, and later on apologize!!!


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