Is he dating my friend as a rebound?

Okay so I had this friends with benefits with one of my brothers friends and he said that he liked me for like a year before we started the friends with benefits and I didn't really want a relationship hence the friends with benefits so then maybe a month after we started we ended it so everything was normal I even helped to start dating one of my friends so they've known each other for a week then started dating and she tells me he is moving to fast and recently whenever in around he starts to show more PDA and other times I never see them together I never really thought to much about it until he texted me asking if I was crushing in this guy he saw me talking to during but I didn't know he saw me because when I was talking to the guy his gf (my friend) was on his lap and me and this othe guy were like behind them 5 feet away so I didn't think anything of it until the guy I was talking to said that he asked him how he knew me and what we were talking about I'm just curious if he is dating my friend to try to make me jealous or rebound relationship or what?
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  • My opinion he still likes you otherwise he wouldn't care who you liked. Why is he doing it? I dont think it is to make you jealous, in my opinion I think its to stay close to you. Its the same reason people stay friends or find reasons to talk to their exs they want them back and just do not have the apples to go for it or they at least still care and haven't finished morning so they want them near by. He must of cared more than most would of in that short time because it sounds like he is taking it hard.


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  • Both. He's on the rebound and trying to make you jealous. If it was just friends with benefits for him, he wouldn't care who you are crushing on. He has real feelings, girl. But, if you don't feel mutual, then let him go. He'll get over it. Best of luck to ya.


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  • Why would it be a rebound if you two were just fwb? He's just moved on to someone he likes better and feels he has a chance with. Nothing complicated.

  • yes, he is dating her on the rebound


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