What to do when a girl tells you she has a boyfriend after you have had sex on multiple occasions?

I met this girl at work and for the first time since my break up I honestly felt she was the one for me. She told me she liked me and we started seeing each other. One day after we had sex she told me she had a boyfriend.

We would still see each other but nothing sexual happened we would maybe kiss but nothing more. She said she wants me in her life after I help her through hard times as a friend and she didn't want to break up with her boyfriend. I have since told her we can't be friends and I need to move on as I like her. She knows exactly how I feel.

Over a week has passed and since my text to her we have not spoken. I can't stop thinking about her. She is an attractive girl and gets a lot of attention from guys. I know the right thing to do is cut her off but I am finding it extremely hard. What should I do? I have an urge to text her again even when I cut her off. I try and think what am I going to gain from texting. Please help.


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  • Maintain your self-control by avoiding her.
    I know this girl is pretty and you two get along well, but you need to tell yourself exactly what you just told everyone else: she lied to you and you need to move on.
    You continue to like her a lot because she made you feel happy and wanted. You want to retrieve the feelings she gave to you again... and so you have a hard time letting go.
    You need to realise that there is another beautiful girl out there who can make you feel what she made you feel. You just got to wait and maintain that self-control.
    I believe you can do that, since you had the guts to straight-up tell her that you intended to cut her out of your life and move on.


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  • Bro, been through it. Get yours in. As long as she doesn't have a disease and you and her boyfriend don't meet or ever see each other. Have sex with her until you find a single gal.

    She is either wanting to pick between you two of you or she doesn't have a bf and she just told you that to back you off... or she told you the truth and she wants to test you.

    If she is cheating on him with you... don't take her serious because she will repeat that action with you and a new fella. Like I said fuck her every chance you get but when you run into a better opportunity (a better woman) FUCK HER. Cheaters suck. If they were off and on I would understand cheating because it wouldn't be cheating ( it would be exploring or seeking to make a better life choice)


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  • she lied to you... avoid her

    • I can't get her out of my head. I know i did the right thing cutting her out my life but literally can't stop thinking about her. Do you not think if she wanted to be with she would contacting me although I told her to leave me alone. I felt like she used me to get through a bad point in her relationship with her boyfriend

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    • as a reserve or something.. i mean she wanna keep you just in case things go wrong between her and her bf... you deserve better

    • You are 100% right, she just wants the best of both worlds. Have me around as a friend and when things go pear shape with her boyfriend she can pick and choose which guy she wants to go with. Thats if she is doing it to other guys. I dontthink she is sleeping but she is definitely texting.

      What just gets me is I had a devastating breakup 2 years ago and it was the first person I actually liked and could envisage being with. Just turns out I get screwed over again

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  • Just remember that she'll do the same thing to you that she's doing with her "boyfriend." That's really all you need to keep in your head. This just means the feelings will get deeper for her and she'll end up shoving someone else's cock in there!

    Only contact her if you wanna fuck her again and know the boyfriend isn't gonna find out about it and come knockin' on your door. Don't bother with her for anything else.

  • You go reevaluate the mistake you just made. Find a girl who isn't a cheater as well. How would you feel if a girl cheated on you?

    • He didn't really make a "mistake" here. He didn't know until after the sex happened. She probably held that information back from him knowing he woulda backed outta the sex.

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