What does it really mean?

My boyfriend recently broke up with me, and he used the im not in the mood for a relationship, I hope we can still be friends thing. What does this really mean? Was I not good enough for him?


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  • It can mean 2 things:-
    He was actually telling the truth about not wanting a relationship, or he may have found someone else and so lied to you because he didn't want to hurt your feelings.

    Whatever the case maybe, his decision has nothing to do with how goo you were or weren't for him.


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  • Maybe he does not wants a relationship - he will be giving more pains then happiness to you , yes you can be friends and take it slow you are going really fast according to him.

  • It does not mean you weren't good enough. He just wants to play the field while he is young. You'll be better without him.


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