Hey everyone can you please check this photo and tell me does my eye look really horrible?

So 3 days ago I got hitted by my boyfriend very badly and he did this to my does.. I know my eye looks really horrible and ugly that it even ruined my whole look.. do you people have will this red spots will go away or stay forever. :(
*he did this to my eye. *do you people really think that this red spot will go away.


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  • that's really a big red thingy.
    I had some red thingy but really small then I used to play a pc game for long, it goes away

    • I hope it does.. thankyou for your reply. :)

    • if it doesn't go away report your ex for beating you (only if he hit you but you don't)

Most Helpful Girl

  • You shouldn't hit people. I would break up with him if I were you. And that red spot will most likely go away at some point.

    • Thankyou for your reply.. yes I am no more with him.. and I hope it really goes away. :)

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  • Oh, god what's wrong?


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  • Firstly, why is he still your boyfriend?
    Secondly, no picture.
    Thirdly, it'll most likely go away over time.

    • I updated the link

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    • Yes I already did he don't deserve my love.. Thankyou for your kind words. :)

    • Good, and you're welcome.

  • Where is the picture? and its propably just a bruse, it will go away.

    Also break up with him

    • Yes I updated the link

    • Its just blood in your eye. Eyes too have blood vessels and that is not dangerous at all. It will go away with time.

  • It will go away, it's just a bruise on your eye. Leave him.


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