How can I ask my ex the following question?(A bit long but please take the time to read it)?

So let me tell you the story first. I'll summarize a bit our relationship. It was 2 months ago when we got together. Summer... free time and such things.. we had fun. September came and we returned from our vacations although our homes are very close to each other. Despite that fact she has overprotective parents. Im 15 and she's 13 to 14. i know many of you will say she's too young. i know but she looks like 16yo. anyways when we returned from vacation we met just 2 times for 5 mins. unfortunately we dont go to the same school. we broke up 1 week ago because she was pressured by her everyday schedule. it really is stressing even for me.. imagine for her. anyways she told me that she can't take such pressure anymore and she doesn't have time to think for relationship things. she told me she will want more to retry later with me. Should i believe it?
And here is what i want to ask her: "Did you really meant what you said, about retrying later or you just wanted to lessen my breakup pain?"
I want to ask her this but it would feel awkward asking this out of the blue. Is there any way i can tell her this?


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  • Its hard to date as a teenager. The asking permission, getting rides, trying to figure out how to see you, when to see you. That is stressful on its on. She wants a boyfriend close that she can walk in the halls with, meet up with at lunch, someone that people around her will know. This isn't to say that she found someone already or doesn't like you. She wants someone already in her circle. You going to another school makes that difficult. Retry later , in other words, I assume, next summer. That's only if she is going to be the same and like you the same way. Keep her as a pen pal if you like but don't hope for romance or wait on her. If you do want to wait for her just ask her and discuss your future. Address your concern or you will be wondering all year and upset if she ends up with someone. Best wishes! Salut!

    • I'm glad to help. Thank you for reading! I wish you many blessings! :)

    • as i see it i dont want to do anything with her (she cheated me) anyways thanks for your time

    • I'm glad you have confidence and respect for yourself! You're welcome! Thank you for sharing! Salut!

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  • Easy answer: Don't deal with ex's. As you can see, it causes nothing but hurt feelings and confusion. "Retrying later" from a girl means "Never". Move on.


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