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If you broke up with a long time gf bc maybe things got a little boring & you were wondering what else was out there. Hmmm well let's say your ex gf didn't want the breakup & you hurt her very much. You still loved her deeply, and wished your feelings would come back; you just werent happy with how things were. What would be the best thing she could do to increase her chances of you being curious about maybe trying again? Please no negativity, only solid, manly advice.
How would I initiate contact?


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  • Hi there, my advice is to put more attention on yourself. Doevelop your interests, go out with friends and have fun. Make plans for your life and implement them. Contact him on special occassions and ask him how he is doing and what's been up in his life, and show him how well you are doing. If he shows some interest in what you have been doing, you can invite him to join; vise versa, i. e. if you like what he's been doing, ask him how you can start engaging in the activity, but don't make him feel that you do so only to get close to him. Show geuine interest and let him know you still care about him. Good luck winning him back!


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  • If somebody left bc they were bored you should probably consider moving on first. But if you still wanted to get his interest back then just ask him honestly what kind of stuff he was going for. Work together and spend time on it if it's important. Just don't be submissive in the process. And good luck.

  • Don't go after him. Don't be needy or desperate. Instead, show him what he's missing. Live the most exciting life you can. Do the things you enjoy, hang out with people, have fun. Improve yourself, your life, genuinely make your life fulfilling. When you really live an exciting life (not when you're pretending and faking it), people feel that and want to be a part of that life. Be confident, make sure he knows you have other options, don't be too available... when you do all that, he just might want you back. The question is whether YOU will still be into him.


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