Should I talk to my ex or not?

ok we've dates for a month and a half, everything was great and then out of nothing he disappeared, he didn't respond to my texts, calls and even his friends lied to me, so i got the idea he wanted to break up but was affraid of dealing with it. but now, after 2 or 3 months he texts me that he wants to talk with me and he is leaving. i didn;t respond and then he says i won;t leave until i speak to you. wtf should i do, i don't want to look like a fool again but it seems normal to me to ignore him the way he did to me.


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  • Yes, sweetie, Put him on your pay no mind list... In fact along with Ignoring him, Block him from your cell, block him from your life forever.
    You can't trust him anymore, he is here today, gone tomorrow and along with the text games, he likes to Play---Head and heart games.
    Move on... He is a loser, a court jester that you need to stop jumping through circus hoops for now.
    To 'Ignore him the way he did to me,' this is Closure to Close this Chapter to this Farewell tale once in for all.
    If you stand for this, you will forever stooping for whatever poop he decides to throw your way down the beaten path.
    Good luck, God bless. xx

    • Thank you for allowing me this eye opener... There is someone out there more deserving. xxoo

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  • Just ignore his ass


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  • Talk to him. Speak with him in public place, like a park, that way you won't feel pressured to do anything foolish. If you talk to him then you'll get all the answers that you needed when he disappeared on you. It'll give you closer so that you can fully move on and start your life over without having him holding you back. If you want to get back together with him then set up some ground rules so you both can trust each other and something like this doesn't happen again. I hope this helped! <3


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