If my ex boyfriend is the who dumped me for another girl, why can't he just let me go?

My ex broke up with me in the beginning of summer, because he told me he had met a new girl. I was devastated and depressed but I understood, because we were a long distant relationship couple. I just was shocked at the same time, because I was going to visit him that summer as well.

Recently, we started to talk again, but it didn't feel right to me. I wasn't sure if he was still dating this girl, and if he was I did not want to talk to him.

I had nothing to lose, so I asked him if he was still seeing this girl, he said no, she went back to Taiwan. Then I asked if he was talking to her still and he said, I talk to a lot of people these days. And I asked if he still had feelings for me, (hoping he would just say no) he said, 'I have no one favorite person. Even though I can see you as a girlfriend if you lived closer.'

At this point I felt it was getting way too complicated, so I just told if he doesn't love me just let me go, delete my contact, everything. Then he sends me a photo of my letter that I sent him back when we were still dating. He said 'I can't', then told me I can delete his contact.

I told him I can't do this if he has feelings for other ppl. I can find someone better and goodbye. Then he told me, 'you deserve better goodbye, and maybe we talk later'.

After that I deleted and blocked him from everything.

But I'm just wondering, why did he give me all these open ended vague answers? If he has feelings for other people, why didn't he just say he had no feelings for me?


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  • Easy answer to this page of text. YOU ignore him. This is why you don't deal with ex's, and stop worrying about it.

  • Long distance relationships do not work. He is playing you like a fiddle too.


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