Can work stress really affect a guys ability to be in a relationship? I met this great guy about 2 months ago and he broke up with me 5 days ago?

He owns a fairly new pizza shop that is not doing well. He is trying to sell it but no one is interested. Financially, I see he's in a rut. The shop is not making enough even for the monthly expenses. He mentioned recently that he went to see a friend that owed him money because his car payment was due (means he didn't have money on hand). He would come see me almost every other day after work. and he works 65-70 hours a week. Then he started saying he was too tired, which makes sense. I told him its ok. I asked him what was up about 3 weeks ago because he seemed a little out. He said he's just really stressed about the whole business thing. I told him if he needed space, I don't mind. Just as long as I know that something IS going on. He was grateful and thanked me for understanding. When we were together in person, everything was the same as always. He was affectionate, we had great conversations. He mentioned once he liked the way he felt around me because he felt calm. Well, we went out last Saturday night and I stayed at his house (not the first time). he took me home in the morning and went to work. After he got of work, I talked to him on the phone. Normal talk. Then Monday (his only day off) I didn't get a text from him all day, so I texted him around 4pm, he didn't respond. Around 7pm I texted if he was sleeping (he sleeps ALOT). he texted back "Hi honey.. I woke up at 3:)" I asked if he went back to sleep. no answer.
Next day, I didn't get a text from him until 2:11pm while I was at work and he said ""Hi (my name). I just wanted to tell you this, i can not have a relation with somebody and work stress together. I tried but its not working. its putting too much responsibility on my shoulders. thats why i dont wanna be in a relation anymore. u are a sweet heart. I hope you understand me." I texted back "I understand" he said "thank you for everything". Did he not want to break up but felt it was better? or could it have been me? by the way he's 31, im 26.
The next day, I thought about it and how much I do like this guy. So i sent him a text around 6pm "can we please talk about this in person? it would make me feel better. no response.
i waited 2 days, then texted him saying that im not angry with him but i just want to talk in person and also give him something (i wrote him a letter).


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  • Maybe he loves you and cannot see you unhappy in relationship with him that is why he let you go , if you are capable of a strike to pull up his business it is all he needs to be yours. And yes cash and other things devastatingly can affect sexual drives.

  • i only know that work-stress nor money problems can totally reduce people's sexual drive , may be it's related?
    the guy seems to determined to move on that's why he did NC to you..

    • well he did end up responding but i couldnt update it since it only allows 2 per week. He responded on the 2nd text soon after i sent it "honey can we plan something for next week? first week (of the month) is really busy plus bayram (holiday) is tomorrow and i gotta get up early"... i texted "if that works better for you then ok... maybe on your day off or something... and eat some lamb for me tomorrow :)" he said "yeah i let you know hun"t.. then i texted him happy bayram:) the next day, he texted "thanks :)" and that was that... i am now vowing to a 14 day NC

    • Oh and as far as the sex thing... it was normal for oral... but intercourse, there were some issues there. He did mention something about being nervous. we didn't have sex until about a month into our relationship.
      he's also not very experienced in relationships so probably he didn't realize the time and effort and stuff it takes.

    • so he responded but you decided to nc , well it will probably best for both of you , if you truly believe on destiny , if he belong to you , he will come back to you eventually someday..

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