My ex is confusing me with her words!?

We dated 20 months. Our relationship was awesome for the most part but we did fight more than usual. Our relationship was very serious too. She asked me for a break but I panicked and sort of pushed her to break up with me, I have anger issues which I am in therapy for now. The anger was her reason for breaking up with me. Im confused because she says she has no feelings for me one day and the next day she says she's scared to get hurt again. How can she get hurt if she has no feelings for me? What do i do? Right now we are "friends". We also share a dog together which makes NC hard.
So you think she does have feelings for me? I think she does but she needs to see the changes. Especially since she had told her sister she wanted to work towards a new relationship but changed her mind when I began to bother her about it.


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  • There's still anger there over the breakup. She really doesn't want to get hurt again, so she's trying to convince you and herself that she doesn't have feelings. Give her some time. Hopefully, she'll come around. Especially since you're getting help for your anger issues, kudos to you, by the way. Show her your trying. We're a lot more understanding than y'all give us credit for.


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  • Rule #1: Never deal with ex's. As you see , it causes nothing but problems. You aren't "Friends", you're just causing yourself more pain.


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