Why did he run away from me?

I have been with my friends with benefits for three years now and it has been great sure we have had our fights but they have never stood in the way of us being together. The last time i saw which was about a month and i told him i had feelings for him and he said that's ok he said he has know that i have for a while. He said i was being weird because i was afraid because in the past he has ran. And he said it's not like you stood up and yelled that you love me. And then he said he is a bad man and that he doesn't know what he want's. After he got back from Vegas i hadn't talked to him or seen him in a month. I text him the other day asking how he was doing. And he said he was ok and he sent me his mug shot. He got a Dui and he told me that he probably won't be going many places but to continue talking to him.


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  • He does not want to be in a relationship. friends with benefits gave him the physical release without any emotional commitment.


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