How can I transition a sexual relationship to a friendship?

We are exes and now back in a private sexual relationship. He knows it is hard for me with sex but he said he can't be friend. We are already too intimate and he can't be in long term relationship. I can see it (super introverted, dismissive, too intelligent...). The thing is I am somewhat his longest relationship - on and off. What should I do? I care about him as a person but life partner is out. He is really hard to read except he likes sex with me and somewhat show attachment signs (hid photos of his friends who are girls, wanting me to stay overnight, fast respond...)


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  • Seems like he needs to solve his issues before any answer to your question can be relevent. You are not in control of the situation. You either wait till he changes, or move on yourself. He is grown up and should take care of himself.


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  • Rule #1: Never deal with ex's, period. This is exactly why. It's nothing but confusion and drama. Cut him out of your life, and find someone new. He will never be "a friend.".


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