I don't really consider this a break up but read the description box. But I think I need help. I don't know what to do anymore?

So during my sophomore year I had Culinary arts with this guy and we never talked or we didn't even realize each other. Until when our teacher retired because she had family problems. So then all the culinary groups were messed up and we were being moved to other teachers. Right then I was joined in his class we actually had a conversation for a while. Then I guess we started to flirt. Well I didn't I just thought of him as a classmate, but I don't know how he felt about me. Then after a while it happened so fast I don't even think it was a while ago. But he started to give me some hints as in he flirted with me as I was getting materials for my group, his posture was tall, he would be the first one to start a conversation with me, and his kitchen group acted really different around me. And I even knew some of his kitchen group. Also, there was this other time where our teacher wanted a huge group picture of us and I went all the way in the back so that I wouldn't be able to get in the picture, but then he made a gesture where he had an excuse to stand right next to me. Plus he even told his friend over to come stand next to him which was really weird. Then when she started to take the picture, she couldn't fit all the people in so she told us to squish together so we did and it turned out really awkward. So what I realized was that his body posture was open towards me and his right hand was near my butt. But I don't know if he was actually playing with me or not. But on my last day of school I wanted to tell him the truth and ask him some questions but then he like rejected and he told me he had to go and give someone a ride home. So I've done mostly everything to get over him and forgot him. And what I've done isn't working for me. What do I do? Also I usually dont look back at the boys I like but this one I did. Someone help mee!!
I know that this doesn't belong in the category but I just need advice and someone who knows what to do. If you are gonna be rude saying how this doesn't fit in the box or all that crap just leave. But please be honest about this topic.


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  • Some find flirting, fun even if it doesn't lead anywhere, its fun to have the attention and give the attention. At the end he either was scared that it might of become more or just really was a flirt-a-ton. Next time if you do like the guy and he does flirt but never really makes the first move to ask you out, take the step yourself, there's nothing wrong with that at all IMO. there's plenty of guys (including myself) that are great conversationalist and flirt well but have a hard time transitioning from there.
    Hope this helps somewhat.

    • Hmm okay thank you!

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    • You're quite welcome. It's good you're trying to understand his mindset, this will help you in future relationships.
      Good luck to you.

    • I just want to figure things out before moving on so I know what kind of mistakes not to make and so I know what kind of guys are out there.

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  • This isn't a break up at all and I don't really see how it belongs in this category. He rejected you so there is not much to do but move on.

    • Well I dont know where else to put it in. If you're going to be rude then why bother and comment? Just think before you say something. But I don't know why he would after giving so many hints. Did he get bored? Cause im not an object.

    • I wasn't rude. I was simply stating the obvious. Here's an idea. Since your wondering about his behavior with you, how about you put it in the Guy's Behaviour category? Maybe he was just messing with you? Maybe he was too nervous? If you want to get over him just start to like someone else or confront him and ask him why he was acting the way he was.

    • Well sorry its hard to tell since its online. And so do I ask the question all over and delete this one? Im a new user so I don't know much about this website. Bit I heard that it helps a lot so I tried. And thanks for the advice!

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  • So this was like 4 months ago? You were only what, like 16? Just forget about it, you're VERY young, most high school relationships do not go anywhere. Just talk to other guys in your other classes, make new friends and find someone else.

    • More like 6 months ago. Well true. Thanks for Helping! I think im slowly trying to forget. But hopefully I will and I can!

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