Is checking a girl's phone relationship suicide?

The last 2 girls I have dated have started and ended the same way... things are great in the beginning until I start to care about them to the point where I start to wonder why they hide their phone while texting. Regrettably I checked each of these girl's phones/text messages and each time my suspicions were proven justified and found that they were talking to other guys and/or lying to me about what they did on certain nights.
I know it's a 100% invasion of privacy and I truly regret doing it... but should I? I mean if they are not honest or committed enough to me shouldn't I be relieved that I found what I found? Or does every new relationship have these things going on in background and ultimately my insecurities, paranoia and desire to find something doomed each relationship


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  • Never check a girl's phone, confront her and ask but don't do it behind her back or tell the guy you think she's talking to that you know he is and depending on his reaction then you're right.


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  • Not necessarily, but it is frustrating and sort of red flags communication and/or trust problems.

    My boyfriend used to look at my text messages back when I became really good friends with a guy I went to school with. I started realizing he was looking at my phone when I left the room or when he thought I was asleep... eventually I confronted him about it and he stopped doing it. I really wish he would've just talked to me instead though. It made me feel like he didn't trust me.

  • Honestly I have a friend of whom I did date but hadn't talked to him because of something unrelated, his girlfriend she actually took his phone and deleted my number from his phone. They got into an argument about it.. they have since broke up not because of that.. I have nothing to hide.. But I would break up with someone for that because it is invasion of privacy... my phone is my phone.


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