Do you believe on karma? give me hope with whatever you know?

my ex broke me so bad, after six years he's now with a girl saying everything with her is better, i told him u know when a girl doesn't get jealous means her heart isn't yours? he said I dont care the sex is perfect.

I had to ask him, after all these years when you used to promise me marriage was it a lie? he said Yep. I never wanted to marry you.

so after all, he just wanted to have sex and since he's the first guy in everything I'm in deep pain,

he knew all along he wants to marry a girl he doesn't know
then why he held so long?

Now I know i have to move on because who really loves you won't just destroy you.

He played me for six years and never loved me.

I really want karma, to fuck him like he fucked me, I don't wanna do anything
but does karama really exist?

or even god,
wouldn't he turn this table
and bring me back my pride?
because I could never say a word that describes what he did to me and i always forgave him and started over
he always treated me like shit, and cheated on me


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  • Wow, what an insecure asshole. Fuck him. There is definitely an underlying personality disorder here. My guess would be narcissistic or borderline. This is demented behavior and I'm sorry to hear you were a victim to this. These people, deep down, can't stand themselves. I believe karma does exist, we reap what we sow. I do not believe in revenge, that shit is just toxic and will only hurt you. I wouldn't bother responding to his childish bullshit. Go be social and forget about people that have nothing to offer you or themselves. This is and never will be acceptable behavior. I'm really sorry to hear of your pain. Maybe look into some counseling? It will speed up the process of healing.

    • I really appreciate all you said, it really helps, I think he's sick as you said, he says he blocked me yet he read the conv? seems like a sick person.. I won't revenge because it will stress me more than helping me, i'll keep on praying god will get me something better and ofc the same he did to me to happen to him ;/

    • Absolutely. My guess is he attempts to take advantage of you because you care for him, even after all his bullshit. I wouldn't be surprised if karma comes into play here soon. Be positive and strong, then he will understand he's losing control. With people like this make sure you are always in control. Otherwise they will attempt to ruin your life and happiness.

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  • I don't think there's a god out there. But all the negative energy that douche has put into the universe will come back and bite him in the ass somehow! I think karma exists. But make sure you know it works both ways, any negative every you put out you will get back somehow. So be the bigger person, hold your head high and keep going :) Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.

    • I reacted pretty good, I couldve said bad things, all I said your end will be bad and how could you play me all these years, i really hope karma get him back :/

  • I know how you feel, A girl played me, and by god it took the best of a year to get over it. Just move on and forget about him. Something will happen to him in the near future, If it does, you won't know about it anyway. I am really sorry to hear what happened to you, he is an evil sick person, to do that to you. I feel your pain.

    • i'm sorry for what happened to you,
      i hope so, may god put them in the same way they put us,

    • thankyou, I hope things get better for you.

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  • Were on the same page on this one, but my ex said that his new girl treats him better and motivates him, but I did all of that. It's a shame he never realised anything I done for him.
    I'm telling you the best thing to do is to not go on his social networking sites, go out more don't over think things and I know when you begin to over think the most is when you're in bed by yourself late night,
    That girl is a hoe, she's right below you and he's downgraded. He's only with her to avoid the pain of being without you and to boost his ego.
    Karma is beautiful, if you sit back and let things run it's course by that I mean to not talk to him at ALL and focus on yourself. I'm telling you this hoe will get tired of him or would do some, thing to hurt him.
    Do yourself a favour go gym get healthy fix yourself up. The best revenge is to look better then you were before, he will regret it and come running back!
    Learn to love yourself the right person will come to you at the right time. Patience is a virtue Hun,
    Good luck!

  • Get your pride back by moving on and finding someone worthy of you!

    • i think your right <3

  • First, Im so sorry this happened to you.. I've never been in a relationship but I've been in situations where my own blood family turned their backs on me when i didn't do anything for years!

    You just need to start over. If you want to get him back just move on completely like get a new boyfriend or guy friend start shopping get a new look make sure the look is freaking badass like a platinum blonde bob or something that's chic and sexy change up your style. Show him that you've moved on and be confident so confident that its like an aura coming off of you and dont be afraid to smile alot. Show whose boss and before you know it you'll forget all about the prick. and they always i mean always eventually either come back or make a comment out of jealousy or regret. Dont say a word to him until he says something to you and when he does DO NOT get back with him let him know he had his turn and he can go f*ck himself and that old hussie he is with! Good luck :D

  • No you must get revenge. That's what I am doing now.


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