How to get a guy out of your head?

So, there was this guy I talked to for 2 months starting in April or March I believe and he stood me up 3 times. The first 2 I got apologies and the 3rd time I never hear back from him again.

I'm obsessed with thinking about what I did wrong or why he stopped texting. I deleted him off Facebook to ease my mind back in June, but it didn't work. After I stopped thinking about him, I all the sudden has this nightmare that we were a couple and it was really romantic. Now, it's worse.

Also, I see one of his family members everyday and it totally makes me paranoid. Like, in the food court I avoid sitting to empty spots if they're too close to her. They both attend my University. Luckily I haven't ran into him though.

Please help...
*had this nightmare
* in empty spots


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  • It takes time. I was with my bf for almost two years and lived together for almost one year. He broke my heart and chose alcohol and women over our relationship. I went through the obsession phase and am now starting to feel a bit better about it. I am now able to get through my days without obsessing over what he's doing, why me, why not me, etc. I'm sorry you go to the same school as him. I worked with my ex and had to quit my job because the pain was too unbearable to see him every day. All I can say is give it time and go out with your friends and keep yourself busy. when we lose a guy we care so much about and he denies us, our first reaction is to blame ourselves. But try to remember that when a man disappears it's usually a character flaw with himself. Whether it be he's too busy with school, he's got commitment issues or he's too caught up in his own head or issues. Try not to blame yourself. If a man won't take you for who you are then leave him behind. You for need him to make you feel okay in this world. Look for it inside yourself and know that you will find someone who won't go "Houdini" on you and won't even give you an explanation as to why. Let him go, focus on school and remind yourself that you're doing what you have to do to be a better woman because one day you will find a man who adores you for what you do and who you are. Time helps everything. Take it from a girl who suffers low self esteem, codependent and who is learning how to finally depend on myself. Hang in there. It gets easier!!

    • Oh and the dreams... I have dreams all the time that my ex is with another woman or a dream where he is a complete ass to me but I'm begging him for mercy. I'm learning how to control my dreams. Try to think as positively as you can before falling asleep, don't let him be your last thought before you fall asleep and if you believe in God, pray to him and ask him to send you good thoughts. it's helped me work through my nightmares. They still happen but I know it's because my subconscious may want him back in my life, but I know I endure way less pain without him in it. Think positively and the benefits will change your life. Smile often because it will catch the eye of people and even a guy whose worth dreaming about.

    • Thank you so much!

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