Is it time for me to move on or should I fight?

My "bf" has been having so many days where he doesn't talk to me at all :/ Feels like I'm wasting my time and over thinking so much >.< I always ask him wth is up but seems like everythings a joke to him... Should I let go? if so HOW? I'm so emotionally attached.


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  • Keep yourself busy and try not to worry. People go through stuff and it makes them distant you just have to have faith in him. Also asking him if "we" have a problem. I did something similar with my ex. I suffer from depression and she honestly had 0 experience dealing with that so she would freak out on my bad days when I was sad or distant. I kept things from her and it ended up killing our relationship. It wasn't that I didn't want to talk I just knew she wouldn't understand and didn't want her to worry or get upset. Just make sure he knows he can have space if he needs it and you will be there when he is ready. That was a huge issue for me my girlfriend was really wanting me to be all in 100% at a very hard moment in my life and space to her meant we were done.

    • Omg >.< I suffer from depression too so I can feel for you!!

    • Thanks it wasn't so bad I loved her and I feel bad her mom suffers really bad depression and its sad to know she will never understand it. I learned that I have to be very clear about how im feeling make sure they 100% understand that my bad days are not a reflection of the truth. I wish you luck depression and relationships both are a tricky beast.

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  • Going through something similar now. Just keep yourself as distracted as possible. Go out with friends, hang out with family. Which ever you need to do to get your mind off it. Sometimes a fling helps too.

  • Move on. When the emotion is gone, there's nothing there.


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