Can I actually get back my boyfriend?

I just broke up with my bf a few days before, and the break up request was asked by him. We had begun our relationship for 8 months already, though we had some arguments, we both fixed and we could always get things better after gone through some hardships.
but suddenly he was turned down after an argument which was already solved for about 2 weeks. We reconciled but i felt like he was kind of avoiding me.
Then it came to the break up day. He gave me a very very long letter to explain why he wanna break up with me, was because he found that our love was actually getting worse with many arguments happened. He said he loves me, but not enough to give me a concrete future, and said as if i deserve a better guy:( he afraid if we didn't get married after we graduated because of some arguments, he would actually waste my time and we both would being more hurt.
before he gave me the letter, he hold my hands so tight, and at the moment when i was going to get into the train, he dun even wanna let go and hold me tight. he even cried on my shoulder.
after i figured out the letter was actually a breakup letter, i called him and said i dun wanna break up.. but he said it's time for us to cool down a bit.
after i went back home, he texted me again, "it's time for us to cool down" i didn't reply him, but i texted him back another day about how i didn't agree with the reason that he wanna break up with me. he then said i need time to get these words digested and i would reply you after some days.
and ofc, i still hvent got any reply from him.
i REALLY dun understand why he would give up on me, and ASSUME that we would break up after years.
guys please.. i need some advices:(
i know it takes time, but im really confused about if we have chance to get back together.. im kind of impatient and sad :(wt should i do now


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  • He feels that you are mismatched pair. Incompatible beyond repair. Thus, he feels parting ways with you is inevitable. So, if not now, when she should that be? He feels, unfortunately, it's best to move on now, as opposed to later.

  • Don't waste your time. Even you get back together, things will never be the same. Move on, learn from your mistakes, and don't repeat them.


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