Guys, why would my ex try hard to get my attention and once he gets it he doesn't reply?

I was ignoring him since I decided to move on, he was use to me running to him or always being the one always replying I stopped he started texting so Ignored he caught a little tantrum and I reply. To then him saying "he's been down lately" and it was nice to hear from someone special. I reply asking what was wrong and he doesn't reply? Does he wants me
To chase him?


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  • I thought you suppose to move on. Do it and you'll never post a question like this again. Simple as that.

    Detail: games, busy, lost battery, who knows. The real issue is that the whole drama is going occur if you tag along. Continue ignoring him is the way to go. If still have feelings for him, meet in person and lay the ground work. If not... Keep it moving. If he was really down there is way to express it. He's not right in the head.

    • hahah u don't even know him and you stated something that his own family say " not right in the head" hahaha. well I did moved on... hence why I stopped paying attention and he gets all upset when I don't reply, now telling me " he has been down lately" .. yea right!!!

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