Is it possible to win your ex back?

Me and my ex hang around in the same group but we broke up 4 months ago n hooked up with him once he told me it's time to move on n meet someone new but my question is it possible if we hang out together every weekend n he sees a change in me is it possible he mite change his mind


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  • All depends on why he is your ex why u split up. If something that can be fixed then yes but if it was something like cheating or either of u wanted to change things about the other person then best left as exs because it won't work this time if it never worked last time. Talking is usually a good starting point and list good points and bad points but being in love is the most important thing alongside how u treat each other how u make each other feel and respect each other. If u both do all these well then there's a chance but u need to sit and talk and discuss future plans and see if they fit with what each other wants out if life. Good luck x

    • He won't talk to me he's not thst type of lad

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  • Anything is possible


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  • if that someone who is like my ex, i guess not in this lifetime

    • What's your ex like then

    • I never chased after my ex I didn't do a thing like that I respected his wish's I was going throu a bad time n I didn't mean to take it out on him but he keeps saying were better of just been friends

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