What can I do to get my confidence up?

After my ex broke up with me for another guy after a 2 year relationship my confidence as been shot. I'm over her and trying to move on but every time I see her at school I start to feel like shit. I've never had a problem with this because I have always been a good looking guy (muscular, decent looking ). Any ideas I am tired of being depressed like this and having no confidence?

Btw... Why is it every time I see her I get worse? Any ideas?


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  • Feeling worse when seeing your ex is normal. You've gotten very used to her being your girlfriend and your brain is trying to 'acclimatize' to the changed circumstances - the heartbreak. Why did she choose the other guy? It might be because of personality or whatever the reason. Personally (as a girl) I would feel much more attractive to someone sweet but 'normal' rather than a muscular jerk. I'm not saying that you're a bad person. I don't know you, but I'm stating the possible reasons, I guess.

    To feel better I think maybe you should try not checking her social media. I know that it is tempting, but it would make you feel even worse, seeing how well the person seems to be doing (even if that is not the case). Maybe try talking it through with her. Stay positive. Smile! Even if you feel like sh/t, smiling WILL make you feel better. Maybe try dating someone new. Or befriend more people. Or take a break from dating. Everyone is different, but you never know until you try :)

    • See the thing was I was always good to her and treated her better than gold. I was going through a lot of personal problems (my dads sick and wasn't doing good, parents with financial problems, etc) and she said I was too needy but I just needed someone there for me and I've tried dating other people and it's just not the same. We have been broken up for 4 months but she started talking to him a week after we broke up and a week before she did she was telling me how much she cared for me and even went as far as saying she wanted to marry me.

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    • And she goes home every weekend to see him

    • It'd be pretty difficult to get her back, then, I imagine. Remember that after a breakup it's like starting clean from point 0. You have to work your way up all over again.

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  • What my professor once said, is that 'money brings confidence, and confidence brings women.' He was the funniest professor I've ever met.

    Go out more, hang out with friends,

    • Listen to music, look at TheNewClassics' profile pic, go out for a walk, hit the gym.

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